Thursday, September 22, 2011

Born for the Blue Skies...

Davis has started his second season of tackle football. I am an assistant coach again this year. Last year we were 0-6, and it was one of the best seasons of athletics I have ever experienced . In fact, I think Davis and I entered a new "season" in our relationship somewhere around that same time, and it has been an amazing thing, for both of us. We both like football, but I think we both love the time together it creates for us, and how that time has changed our relationship.

I took this shot of him two weeks ago before our first game. (note the summer hairstyle, before he got it cut for school)

As I have blogged about before, Davis and I are Switchfoot fans. Last season we listened to their song Stars everyday on the way to practice and before every game. I had told him I used to listen to a song before every game back when I played, a practice I had copied from my brothers, Scott and Mike. Davis was all about it and we frequently challenged the speaker capacity on the Honda Odyssey with the volume up as loud as we could tolerate.

Switchfoot has a new album, Vice Verses, coming out next week. Their first single is called Dark Horses and it is "the song" we have listened to everyday on the way to practice this season. The official video was just released and it is below. Of course, it is best viewed in full screen and with the volume up as loud as you can tolerate.

 We love it.

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