Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Day with Davis (and Switchfoot)

Sunday was a great day. Davis and I drove to Abilene, met his cousin Garrett, a freshman at ACU, and went to watch Switchfoot. We arrived early and watched the soundcheck and met the band! After the show we drove back home and arrived just before midnight.

I hope Davis had as much fun as I did. At first I thought a rock concert 2.5 hours away was a great excuse for me to spend the day with Davis. Later, I realized that it probably gave Davis an excuse to spend the day with me. I am the one who listens to music and goes to concerts. He was willing to do what I like to do, just to be with me. I guess it was a great excuse for us to be together.

Anyway, Switchfoot was awesome, and so was Seabird,the opening act. We were sitting so close to the stage that my video doesn't have great sound. I'll post some more photos of our trip and the show, but for now here is a studio version of Davey's favorite Switchfoot song... Hello Hurricane.

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