Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Big E!

It is hard to believe our little guy, Eli, is six years old today. He is reading his first books and wiggling his first loose tooth. He has continued to bring us so much joy and laughter. He is "Big E" to all the kids in the neighborhood, even though he is the youngest. As the youngest of three boys, he has grown up so fast, and  he obviously thinks he should do (and nearly can do) everything his big brothers do.

This morning, even though he had been awake for a while, he lay in bed waiting for all of us to bring him his Birthday Waffle and sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Later, he was so excited that as he was getting ready for school he spontaneously would say things he was happy about, now that he was six. I almost lost it when he smiled and said, "Yeah, I am forty-eight inches!"

My prayer for him is that he knows how much joy he has brought to our lives and how much we love him, right now, all 48 inches of him.

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