Thursday, February 3, 2011

David Bazan

I occasionally complain about the fact that many musical artists don't come to Lubbock to perform. A few months ago we were lucky enough to see David Bazan perform at a local establishment. He has a great voice, and I really like his songwriting. Watching his performance with friends was a lot of fun, and it gave me a chance to get some practice (which I need) with low light photography.

 It is customary for him to come out with his band and take off into a string of songs. After a few songs, he will stop and say, "Are there any questions from the audience to this point in the show?" After fielding questions from "How long have you played that guitar?", or "How does it feel to be listed in the top 50 songwriters of all time?", to "Where do you find yourself with regards to your faith today?" He will dive back in to a string of songs. They  then play for ten to fifteen minutes only to stop and ask for questions again. They repeat this throughout the show, and it is really cool to see him interact with the audience this way.

Much has been written about his lyrics that openly and honestly show his doubts, questions, and struggles with life, religion, faith, and relationships. I am sure that I am a fan because of some of this openness (I have some of the same struggles, as well). However, that night I was equally impressed by his talent, his energy, his obvious love of performing, and his voice.

He is touring right now with Jimmy Eat World, but also will be playing a Living Room Tour around the country this year. The locations and dates are listed on

Here is Please, Baby, Please.

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