Monday, June 28, 2010

Music for Monday Morning

P: Opened my mail to send you this link. My heart pounds and I tear up when I hear the first few notes of this song,       
almost every time. Looks like I am not alone. Thought it would be a good way to start a Monday...

M: Amazing.  it’s pavlovian, the tears.  I swear this is the song that we will be hearing as we crest the hill to the other side. 


  1. Muse opened for U2 when we saw them in Atlanta.
    Sad that we won't get to see them (U2) with you a week from today, as we had hoped!
    Was really looking forward to it...

  2. David,
    I was looking forward to seeing U2 and you, too.

  3. Clever.
    Are you still going to Knightstown (and Chicago)?
    If so, tell Darren and Shmyrna "hi" for me.